The story of a passion that has flourished for over 40 years. STYLEVAN accompanies adventurers for a day or forever in holiday mood.
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Stylevan in a nutshell

  • Products manufactured: fitted vans

  • Date of creation: 1980
  • Date of purchase by the RAPIDO Group: 2017
  • Manufactured in Auxerre (Yonne) and Benet (Vendée), France

STYLEVAN’s story began in 1980 with the creation of the first van produced in France, inspired by the vehicles that were all the rage in North America at that time.

The first fitted van marketed in France was based on a Ford Bedford model. Over the years, manufacturing techniques were perfected to create robust, timeless vans ideal for exploring faraway places in any season.

In 2017, STYLEVAN continued to develop when the company joined the Rapido group. The brand now consists of two complementary ranges that meet travellers’ requirements and uses: Origin and Emotion.

The historical models, famous for their “stylish" spirit, are now called "STYLEVAN Origin" and are still produced in Auxerre.

The "EMOTION" range consists of more "urban" models, distributed by a large network of partner dealers. These lift-top kombi vans are manufactured in France’s South Vendée region at the Fleurette Constructeur factory, which set up a production unit dedicated to vans in 2018.

The brand’s soul and the care devoted to handmade production have not changed with the passing decades.