Here at FLEURETTE, we have been making motorhomes for 50 years with a focus on high standards, quality and respect for our customers.

Fleurette in a nutshell

  • Creation: 1967
  • Acquisition by RAPIDO Group: 2005
  • Manufacture: Vendée (85), France


A premium motorhome brand with unique know-how. An invitation to travel by FLEURETTE : a cosy interior ambiance combining typically French charm, elegance and refinement. 

In 1967, company creator and founder Jean Lucas developed a folding caravan called “Fleurette” because of its fan-opening which was reminiscent of a flower unfurling. A brand came into being, making the family business an outstanding success. In 1977, FLEURETTE CONSTRUCTEUR designed its first motorhome on demand, based on a plan chosen by the customer. The burgeoning development of the leisure world, particularly motor homes, enabled the company to expand and start mass production. The first streamlined model, the Petrel, left the factory in the early 1990s. In 2008, a new integral model was launched: the Discover.

For over 55 years, FLEURETTE CONSTRUCTEUR has promoted high-quality work in order to offer elegant motorhomes with refined interiors. Boasting a polyester workshop unique in Europe, the factory guarantees 100% integrated manufacturing, which gives it an outstanding character.

Choosing FLEURETTE means acclaiming responsible French production and the excellence of know-how that combines tradition with innovation. FLEURETTE is a leading brand in the market, and sells its models in France and Europe.

From the ultra-compact streamlined model to the high-comfort integral, FLEURETTE offers a wide choice of motorhomes with 11 different layouts and 14 possible ambiances.

Yield to the charm of a elegant layout manufactured in the purest French tradition.