ITINEO is the go-to brand if you want to buy an A-class at an affordable price!

Itineo in a nutshell

  • Creation: 2006
  • Manufacture: Mayenne (53), France


In 2006, we took a crazy gamble on creating a new generation of A-class models. No longer were A-class models reserved solely for wealthy travellers. ITINEO gambled on novelty with panoramic views and affordability with A-class models at the price of low-profile models.

ITINEO is a young brand with an elegant, designer style. However, ITINEO has constantly focused on combining design with practicality in its products. The use of wood, fabric and unique materials means it can create a modern look while ensuring unrivalled safety.

ITINEO is a great partner for everyday travel, innovating to create vehicles that are even better suited to our customers’ needs. Itineo recently released a new innovation, rolling out the LIFE bodywork based on four cornerstones: longevity, insulation, reliability and experience.

Specialists in A-Class models for over 10 years, we have always been guided by the philosophy of giving everyone the chance to travel. We love this nomadic, friendly mode of holidaying and want to satisfy all our customers, so we are launching a range of economical low-profile models and giving even more travellers the option of buying a motorhome.