A novelist once wrote, “Novelty is rooted in the past.” RAPIDO’s roots are those of my father, Constant Rousseau, who was a carpenter/cabinetmaker and the company’s founder. When creating his first recreational vehicle in 1961, he had only one wish: “To make something good for everyone.” His cheeky, joyful ingenuity, elegant taste and generosity in his quest to “always improve” remain the blueprint for our creativity, French charm and savoir-faire. RAPIDO draws its creative spirit from continuously improving our motor homes. This allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves and means that we’re often trailblazers. You can see it in the pride each of our employees takes in a job well done and through our use of high quality materials.

Pierre Rousseau, President

RAPIDO Group’s spirit springs from its love for the product

That is why we leverage all our expertise with exacting standards at every step. Attention to detail is our motto, so we can offer ever more advanced products. Customer satisfaction and quality guide our work every day, so we can offer you the best of our skills. Our ongoing product development research is based on an innovation-oriented approach, requiring heavy investment in R&D.

Despite the company growing over time, our family values remain our primary focus. That is why the three people in the RAPIDO Group logo symbolise the three generations of the Rousseau family.