One of the main goal of RAPIDO Group is to respect the environment all along the camping-car manufacturing process. Now, ecology became a widespread topic and nobody has to ignore its impact on the ecosystem. RAPIDO is in line with this approach, trying to preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The human being at the centre of our concerns

The human know-how occupies a central place in the Group’s vision. The technical expertise is a key point to obtain high quality product. We favour an artisanal manual work instead of a massive industrialisation, which uses lot of energy.

A well-designed and effective factory

The environmentally responsible vision is rooted for many years in the Group’s philosophy. In 2008, during the construction of our new factory in Mayenne, various initiatives have been taken. As example:

  • Heating : 8 heat pumps heat and refresh the building
  • Lighting: fluorescent lighting with ballast electronic which can adapt with external light to avoid a useless consumption
  • Water: water recovery during the water-tightness control to preserve natural resources

Waste treatment

But the implication of the Group doesn’t stop here. Indeed, a waste treatment politic was created. Here are some examples:

  • The recovery of pallets by a partnership company to repair or remove with the aim of refabricate (the goal is to avoid the crushing of pallets). At least 13 000 pallets have been reconditioned.
  • Valuation of carboard and plastic through the realisation of balls, 160 tons and 25 tons have been respectively gathered.
  • In 2016, 160 tons of sawdust have been transformed in fuels to save raw-materials.

A real requirement towards our suppliers

This same requirement is also for our suppliers. We are trying to select suppliers involved in a eco-responsible policy. For example, as part of our wood supplies. 94% of our European plywood procurement have the PEFC certificate to preserve the forest.

A strong local anchorage

The RAPIDO Group prefers as much as possible local partnership with its suppliers to preserve and promote French economy. That the reason why the Group contribute to preserve the local economy while reducing the environmental impact by long-distance transport.

Camping-car that use less energy and is more environment-friendly

Camping-car benefit from the latest technological headways. Those are cleaner and use less energy:

  • 100% of our vehicles have the EURO 6 motorisation to ensure cleaner vehicles
  • 100% LED for the cell lighting to devise by 10 the consumption of energy
  • Head shower with water saving
  • Double gazed on the front cab’s side windows (except driver door) to improve cab isolation
  • Façade and roof in polyester for a better isolation of our camping-car (XHP isolation Xtrem Hybrid Protect for vans) and reduce the heating use
  • IBS: Intelligent Battery System, to follow the remaining capacity of the battery according to the actual energy consumption.

Indeed, this one combines the mobility of a car and the comfort of a house, a real “2 in 1” product which permits to be more autonomous and reduce its consumption. Furthermore, all the house energy is not used during the camping-car travel.

To become environmental friendly is still a long way to go. RAPIDO try to move on step by step for being in a perfect harmony with its environment.