Workstation / RAPIDO

Tiphanie, 23 years old, joined Rapido in 2013

Tiphanie is in assembly line since 2013, her job is to affix decorative strips on vehicles. Find out her career in video :


Sylvain, 30 years old, joined Fleurette in 2010

I first started at Fleurette as an apprentice, which gave me the confidence to join a newly-created team working on the 3D design (Catia software) of our vehicles. My job involves implementing projects for our new models, working on intern...

Assembly line / Giottiline

Mino, joined Giottiline in 2010

Hello! I am Mino, and I have been with Giottiline since 2010. I have a lot of experience in the motorhomes field. When I joined PLA, the company put me to work in various positions on the assembly line, giving me even more experience.

Polyester production / FLEURETTE

Béatrice, 45 years old, joined Fleurette in 2000

Polyester composite production is a unique trade due to its technical nature which requires the skilful blending of components and expertise in both machine and manual operations. You have to follow the method currently used by the shipyar...

Quality control / Giottiline

Roberto, joined Giottiline in 2001

Hi! I am Roberto Nocetti. I have been working with motorhomes for 16 years. I joined Giottiline as a production worker and now I am at the final stage as a quality control manager.

Carpentry / RAPIDO

Miguel, 36 years old, joined Rapido in 2000

Find out Miguel's career in the integrated carpentry of Rapido. More than 17 years of history to discover in video :

Motorhome Engineer / WildAx

Liam, 21 years old, joined WildAx in 2015

When I first started working at WildAx I had a very basic knowledge of the motorhome industry, I had been employed as an apprentice joiner to fit cabinets and other woodworking jobs as such.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much work I ...

Motorhome production / Giottiline

Fulvio, joined Giottiline in 2013

Hi! I am Fulvio Matteuzzi, and I have been working in the motorhome industry since 2001. I joined the Giottiline group in 2013, on the production line, and now I am in charge of production.

Motorhome Engineer at WildAx

Addison , 26 years old, joined WildAx in 2016

I have found working at WildAx to be enjoyable and really enjoy the job. I find the atmosphere very friendly and have made some great friends during my time here! During my time at WildAx I have been trained in many different areas gaining...

Team Manager / WildAx

Paul, 26 years old, joined WildAx in 2012

I have worked at wildax for 5 years. When I began my employment at wildax it was a small company, consisting of 12 employees. Ihave been able to watch the company grow into the successful business it is today. I have learnt so much over th...

Production / Giottiline

Giuseppe, joined Giottiline in 2010

Hi! I'm Giuseppe. I have worked for Giottiline since 2010. I was already working in the motorhome industry, so when I joined PLA this was my starting point, and as the years went by, I got the chance to learn other jobs.

Van production / FLEURETTE

Alexandre, 23 years old, joined Fleurette in 2016

I joined Fleurette to work on the van assembly line which was the company's new speciality. My managers gave me the opportunity to join this workshop after several carpentry work experiences. I love my job, which involves working with my...